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Love Song Creator

2.16 usd

"And no matter where you are,from the moment that we meet,I’m gonna learn for you, love,the language that you speak." Bodo Wartke
You are utterly in love and don't know how to say it, because your loved one doesn´t speak your language?Let our articulate love characters sing for you! They speak multiple tongues fluently and will help you spread your love...
Mix the ultimate multicultural and multilingual love song!
First choose the language of the chorus, and then choose a different language for every verse. Your personalized love song will be created.
Valentine´s day, Birthday, Wedding day or any other occasion: here is the ultimate device to make your sweetheart smile!
The free version offers you almost 30 verse- and 2 chorus-languages, the full version even up to 90 verse- and 7 chorus-languages!
In the full version you can even sing along to 3 verses yourself, choosing your own lyrics !
You can save your song, send it via email or share it on facebook. Love is all around!